Paris Bistros in the Fall

Parisians are known for their love of life and joie de vivre…I have compiled a list of the prettiest adorned restaurants I saw during this most recent visit.

Essentials for a Great Crop Over/ Carnival

Barbados Crop Over 2023 was such a mind blowing, liberating and special trip…I decided to share some insight on what to bring on your trip, so you can easily have an awesome time as well.

BELIZE Travel Guide

Belize allowed me opportunity to relax, reset and revive my spirit for my present and my future. Belize is a must visit destination if you want to really disconnect and delve into your soul.

Colombia Travel Guide

The week that I spent in Colombia was nothing short of incredible. I, like always, thoroughly did my research to maximize my experience during my travel. I was able to visit five different cities each with their own unique vibe.

Weekend in Colorado

My three day trip also showed me why Denver is loved and appreciated by so many as well. This western wonderland is expansive in its mountainous beauty, parks, art exhibits, rich culinary scene and much more.