Top 10 Items Needed for a Fabulous Flight

Photo of Dominican Republic taken from the plane
  1. Headphones– Headphones are essential for any in-flight trip. No disrespect to airlines or flight attendants, but those free ones that get passed out do not count. I learned years ago that a good pair of headphones makes the difference between you landing to your destination comfortably and well rested or angry and sleep deprived because of that crying baby seated 2 rows behind you. Whether it’s listening to your travel playlist or perusing the hundreds of in-flight movies, headphones and traveling go hand in hand.  I invested in some over-the-ear headphones with a noise cancellation feature and I definitely recommend the same to everyone out there. Yes earbuds are popular, lightweight and pack easier but I have yet to meet a pair of ear buds that don’t fall out of my ears while I’m trying to get situated in my seat or completely drown out that extra airplane sound. I’ll take over-the-ear headphones over that less amount of space in my carry-on luggage. I highly recommend my Sony- Premium Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones.  

2. Water Bottle– We all know that airport and airline food/drinks are way overpriced. I refuse to pay for a meal in the airport unless it’s a last resort these days. The same goes for water. I always make sure I have a sturdy water bottle on hand and on board my flight. I find that water bottles are essential because a. flying is known to dehydrate you and b. I don’t trust airplane water.  Before I start my travel journey and leave for the airport, I try and intake at least 50% of my daily water need. I do this because once I have arrived at the airport and checked in I immediately fill my bottle at a fountain and get ready for my flight. I try to drink as much water as early as possible so I can relieve myself before my flight and not worry about having to get up every hour on my flight to use the bathroom. I also do not want to be concerned about not having water access on board or once I reach my travel destination and become dehydrated. I recommend Nathan and Survimate brands. 

3. Compression socks- This travel accessory is imperative for any international flight. For flights longer than 5 hours I wear my compression socks. During my pre- compression sock days I would do the necessary exercises on the plane in order to prevent venous stasis or blood clots. That was definitely a concern of mine for those extended flights but I also tired of arriving to my destination with cankles and ill-fitting shoes because of swelling. Since buying my compression socks I no longer worry about the complications of being sedentary for too long and they also keep my feet warm and stylish. Try these out. 

4. Travel slippers– These are definitely my on-flight travel secret. I discovered these luxuries a few years ago while I was in Paris getting ready to head back to the States. I was traveling in the winter and had over packed so much so that I had to wear my knee high boots on my flight. Don’t get me wrong the boots were comfortable enough to walk the cobblestone streets of Montmartre but I was not at all interested sitting at least 11 hours in them. I found these portable travel slippers with their own carrying pouch for about twenty dollars in an airport store and they were worth every penny. I remember that flight being incredibly comfortable and relaxing because of me being able to wear those slippers. I have had my pair for about 5 years now and I bring them on every flight. As soon as I get to my seat and get situated, I kick my shoes off and slide my slippers on. Those along with my socks guarantee my feet will be pleased. Here’s an option to buy.

5. Antibacterial wipes- This one speaks for itself. There are so many opportunities for germ encounters during any flight. If you think about how fast airlines shuffle people off the plane just to fill it back up, it doesn’t leave much time for thoroughly cleaning your seat and surrounding areas. On every flight, once I arrive to my seat and put my carry-on up I pull out my wipes and turn into Lil Boosie. I wipe down everything from my tray table to my seat belt with my wipes. I then bathe my hands in hand sanitizer and get cozy in my seat. This routine of mine has kept me healthy during travel for the past years. 

6. Cashmere scarf- I recently acquired a cashmere scarf after finding an amazing Black Friday deal at Macy’s. I purchased mine for 65% percent off so I could not pass it up. I have always been a fan of wearing an oversized scarf on a flight but a cashmere one gives the luxury I feeling like you got upgraded. I always wear a scarf on my flights because they are so multifunctional during travel. I have used my oversized scarf as a pillow, blanket, fashion accessory, head wrap, etcetera. I took my recent scarf purchase on my last trip to Southeast Asia and I was sold on cashmere. Here is one I recommend.

7. Eye masks– Trying to get decent sleep on any flight is quite a task, especially on a long flight. Traveling through many different times zones can make it hard to adjust your sleep cycle in order to prevent jet lag. Modern international flights have now started to use ambient lighting during different times on long flights to try and help us passengers avoid the jet lag slag. I appreciate the effort of airlines but sometimes I must take things into my own hands. When I’m flying and I’m ready to sleep an eye mask is a must. I try to trick my mind as much as possible that its night time. In order to do that I must block out as much light as possible. Eye masks also come in handy for those unpredictable hotel room lights or city lights. 

8. Carry-on pharmacy– We all know that those in meal flights can sometimes be unpredictable. If you don’t get the pleasure of flying business or first class or ordering your food ahead of time, you can be left with options that don’t necessarily agree with you. I have learned from experience that it’s always better to be prepared for the unpredictable. This includes possible food poisoning, GI upset (I’m lactose intolerant), indigestion, menstrual cramps or motion sickness. For this reason in my carry-on I keep a pouch with all my essential travel medication. This includes Tums, Pepto-Bismo tables, Simethecone tablets, Lactaid, immunity dissolvable tablets, melatonin, Ibuprofen, natural tears, etcetera. This portable pharmacy keeps me reassured that I will have a healthy and enjoyable flight.

9. Bag Bungee– When I travel internationally my go to storage solution is my roller suitcase that I can either check or carry on and also my reliable and super stylish train case from Calpak. These two items travel well but it helps knowing that when I’m darting through the airport or trying to find my AirBnB in a new city, I don’t have to worry about my train case falling off my suitcase. With my bungee I can safely secure my carry-on luggage to my suitcase when I need to transport it. It makes it so much easier to navigate through an airport. It also easily detaches and stores well in my carry-on. This concept seems so simple but I tell you it makes a huge difference when traveling.  Give it a try. 

10. Healthy snack– Last but definitely not least is a good snack. A snack has served me at one time as a meal when I had zero time to eat during my flight connection or when a flight ran out of the vegetarian option. This is why having a healthy, filling food option is everything. When I travel I always pack protein bars and trail mix. Protein is necessary to keep me filling full and not getting hunger pangs in between those in-flight meals. I also like protein bars because sometimes I can trick myself to thinking it’s a candy bar with taste without all the calories. I also prefer trail mix with nuts listed as the first ingredient with some sort of fruit and dark chocolate mixed in. I need that fiber and those antioxidants.  If I’m here in the States I usually fill up on snacks at Trader Joes. When I’m overseas I can usually find what I’m looking for at any local grocery store. 

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  1. Key word “Fabulous”!!!
    Great recommendations on traveling in style and being smart about how you travel. I love the suggestion on the Fabulous Cake when you come home from your travels.

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