A Safe Staycation

It’s October of the longest year ever recorded in history and it was time for a break! I was at a point where I needed a change of scenery. I was beginning to feel like I was starring in Groundhog Day, waking up to the same four walls and same routine. Aside from visiting my mother last month and the occasional trip to the grocery store for supplies, I was feeling as though I was stuck. It was time for me to get away. I knew I needed some personal time to just disconnect from the weight of 2020. I required relaxation, nature and to de-stress. I decided to book a few days somewhere close by but feeling as though thousands of miles away, Terranea Resort. I spent Thursday through Sunday here for a little staycation and left feeling refreshed and renewed. I decided to spill my little secrets into why I cherish this place so much!

My Terranea weekend highlight reel
Music: Pink Matter by Frank Ocean
  1. Location, Location Location- Terranea Resort is located approximately 20 miles outside of Los Angeles right on the Pacific coast in Rancho Palos Verdes. The Palos Verdes Peninsula to me feels like being transported to Eastern Europe. Check in time is 4pm, so even with traffic you’ll be arriving in about an hour from the city. This leaves plenty of time to settle in your room and walk the grounds before sunset. You’ll never want to miss a sunset here. Who can resist watching the Autumn colors slowly fade into the liquid abyss of the ocean? Every sunset I’ve witnessed has been absolutely amazing. The sunrises come in a close second. I love being able to leave my patio door open and fall asleep to the sounds of the waves crashing to shore. I also love just being able to wake up, step outside and be encompassed by the ocean.
  2. Nature comes first- Terranea Resort prides itself on keeping the essence of California as close to authentic as possible. This extremely eco-friendly resort was founded on the philosophy of ecological sustainability. I love coming here because you truly see the beauty of Mother Nature and are reminded of how important it is to keep her that way. They also offer several nature activities like kayaking, archery and fishing. Terranea’s minimal impact ideology “is dedicated to protecting the valuable coastal resources that define the Palos Verdes Peninsula and make this singular destination one of the most valued natural locations in the world.” Only at Terranea do you get to see so many different plant and animal species while relaxing by the pool, meditating or my favorite, going for a hike. Which brings me to my next point.
  3. Exercise- Terranea has been a favorite of mine since my first visit a few years back because of its hiking trails. There are several hiking trails incorporated into the landscape of this resort. Not only that, every hiking trail comes with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The trails are clearly marked and as easy to follow. There are also several pools to choose from to get a nice swim. The pool at the gym actually has one of the best views and is literally adjacent to the ocean. Although the gym is technically closed at this time because of Covid, the staff is still there to provide cleaned equipment outdoors for use. There are also sanitized spin bikes set up outside the gym that overlook one of the nature trails and the ocean as well.
  4. Health and Safety is priority- Terranea Resort opened up after the COVID hiatus in June of this year. They spent time making sure that when re-opened they would follow every CDC / LA County guideline, but still allow for optimal relaxation. From my personal experience I felt extremely safe here. From my first step on grounds all staff were masked up. The reception area had a thermal infrared temperature check in the lobby before check in. At the actually reception desk, after a thorough check in with safety updates, you are given a sanitary pack with wipes and a fresh mask. While on grounds you are required to where a mask at all times except when eating, lounging at the pool or in the pool. There are signs posted throughout the resort grounds as reminders as well. It was mandatory to wear masks to the pool bar and bathroom. Even while poolside and in the pool, social distancing was maintained. Because Terranea was built with nature first, maintaining social distancing was easy and didn’t require much change to the traditional atmosphere.
  5. Pink for October- This was my first visit here since COVID and during the month of October. I wasn’t ready for the surprise. Terranea has several efforts in store during this month that support the breast cancer community with proceeds benefiting Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They have specialty pink food items at the restaurants and the coffee shop. I recommend the pomegranate hibiscus margarita featured in my video that tasted incredible! They also have proceeds from spa treatments and rounds of golf. The hueless highlight of the weekend was the main fountain in the foyer turned a perfect shade of pink. I genuinely appreciate every effort made to continue the fight against this disease that affects us all in some way.

I truly do enjoy this property every time I visit. I am in no way being compensated for this blog post. I want to share this information so everyone will hopefully get a chance to enjoy as much as I do. Especially if you’re like I was and desperately need a change of scenery. One day here can make a difference. Even if the resort is too pricey and not in your price range, you can always make reservations for dinner.

More information on Terranea Resort click here.

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  1. I’m so glad you posted this information about your staycation. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I love your outfits. You must have packed 2 to 3 suitcases with your beautifully coordinated outfits… very chic!!!

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