A Day at Dior

Last year when I was on my annual trip to Paris, the House of Dior was in the midst of a huge renovation. The original Dior location in Paris, also known as 30 Avenue Montaigne, was closed and under construction. This location was founded as the House of Dior starting in 1946. Behind its doors, served the origination of modern fashion and elegance as it’s known today. Christian Dior decided on this particular location over 5 decades ago and it was time for a serious upgrade.

Me standing on Champ- Elysees in front of the Dior renovation sign. 2021.

“It had to be 30 Avenue Montaigne. I will settle here and nowhere else!”

– Christian Dior

As many times as I’ve been to Paris and shopped numerous stores, I had never been to this particular and special Dior store. As an educated and historical fan of fashion, I always knew this exclusive location was exceptional. Not only did this location serve as the birthplace of Dior, but it also birthed other keen names in couture such as Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) and John Galliano. YSL being one of my favorite designers, had motivated me enough to visit both museums in Paris and Marrakech. In the back of my mind I knew I was saving this location and the best for last.

This year I made a point to spend some time at 30 Avenue Montaigne. I knew that not only did this location house a new one-of-a-kind Dior boutique but also a new dedicated musée, La Galerie Dior. I decided to break up my shopping experience and the visit to the Dior museum in two trips. I didn’t want to feel too overwhelmed in one visit, so I gave myself plenty of time to enjoy both experiences. I went to the Dior boutique first thing in the morning when they opened at 10AM. The store was less crowded and I was able to shop and enjoy the overall atmosphere. As for the musée, La Galerie Dior, it sells out daily so make sure to book your tickets in advance! (Book tickets here).

A day at the Dior boutique.

I will honestly say that the House of Dior on 30 Avenue Montaigne did not disappoint me one ounce. The delay and anticipation in the renovation was well worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed the details in the design of the store and La Galerie Dior. I especially enjoyed being able to walk through the Christian Dior couture fashion timeline. Seeing 70 years of haute couture fashion kept my mouth agape the entire time. I can’t wait to return to Paris and experience 30 Avenue Montaigne all over again.

A day at La Galerie Dior

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