Best Places to Stay in Bali

Happy New Year! Your girl is back in Los Angeles after spending the end of the 2022 season in paradise. Bali is worth all the hype and influence you see on social media. Throughout my many years of solo travel, I have seen some incredible places. This year alone put Colombia on my radar as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Bali definitely deserves a spot on the list as well. Not only is Bali aesthetically pleasing, but it offers such an array of wonderland to explore.

During my fete last month in Bali I was able to tour most of the different environments that make up the island. Besides the cities of Bali there are beautiful coasts, beaches, jungles, rice terraces and rivers which make Bali so lush. I tried to spend as much time as I could in the different areas I delved into, but my time was also limited. Towards the end of my trip I felt more at ease. I promised myself to return to Bali to get an opportunity to explore more and continue the amazement that Bali is.

Although my planning for and trip to Bali was shorter than I would have liked, I must say I really surprised myself at how well I was able to execute my itinerary. Bali was able to provide more than I could have hoped for in their lodging varieties. I literally started my trip on the beach falling asleep to the ocean and ended my trip in a posh hotel with a helipad. I soaked up and cherished every amenity of my trip and decided to pass on the joy!

Here are the best places to stay in Bali to have an unforgettable experience! Discover more information about my trip on Bali Travel Guide.

Where to stay for the best trip in Bali

Where to stay for the best beach views:

Bubble Hotel Nyang Nyang Beach

Uluwatu, Bali

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Nyang Nyang Beach is a famous beach located in south Bali. This beach is known for its beauty. It’s also known to surfers for it’s waves. This serene and exclusive location is located close to Uluwatu temple. I loved staying here laying in my hammock or basking in my personal pool and watching the ocean for hours. One of the most soothing experiences of my life.

Enjoy my time at the Bubble

Where to stay for the best hotel perks:

Blue Karma Hotel

Seminyak, Bali

Blue Karma Hotel

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The Blue Karma Hotel definitely offered me more than I was expecting when I opened the doors to my room. The pool inside my villa was mind-blowing. What I really wasn’t expecting, but truly appreciated was the 30 minute complimentary massage at the spa that was included with booking my room. After my trek from Nyang Nyang beach I upgraded that 30 minute massage to a full hour for a few more US dollars. The upgrade was totally worth it, as was my entire stay at Blue Karma Hotel.

Where to stay for the best views of the jungle:

Laputa Villa # 2 “The Bamboo Castle in the Sky”

Kecamatan Sidemen, Bali

The Bamboo Castle in the Castle in the Sky

IG @laputa_villa_bali

I found this gem on happenstance scrolling through AirBnB. I knew before planning my trip that I surely wanted to stay somewhere in the Balinese jungle. After finding this place online I was even more excited for my trip. This “treehouse” was an amazing experience. I had a chance to watch the sun set and rise over the jungle and mountains of Bali. The indoor/ outdoor experience was even better during the rain, so incredible. When I return to Bali I plan to spend a few more nights in the seclusion of the bamboo castle.

Where to stay for most luxurious experience:

Viceroy Hotel

Ubud, Bali

Viceroy Hotel Bali

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I booked my Ubud stay at this Bali hotel after doing my Bali research on social media. Once I saw a picture of the private infinity pools overlooking the lush jungle of Bali, I was sold. This hotel was a top notch experience for sure; from the room, to the food, the staff and everything in between. I definitely took advantage of not only the infinity pool, but the complimentary shuttle to/ from Ubud city center. It was a very convenient perk that I enjoyed during my entire stay. I will definitely be returning to The Viceroy during my return Bali visit.

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