A Day in Bordeaux

Paris is the most visited city in the world. Although, my favorite city in the world encompasses so much culture and is a world in its own, I must tell you that there is so much more to France than Paris. Besides the French capital city, there is of course the South of France. I had the chance to visit this gorgeous traveler’s wonderland some years ago outside of my yearly Parisian trip. There are also many inland areas of France that are just as beautiful and worth exploring.

A few years ago, during my annual trip to Paris I decided that I would visit the well known Champagne region. I have been a big fan of champagne and popping bottles as a part of bougie weekend brunch lifestyle. Also since one of my favorite mottos is “Rosé all day”, I was interested to see how this effervescent libation was made. During my tour we visited several champagne houses, had plenty of tasting opportunities, free time to explore the City of Champagne and even visit the gravesite of Dom Perignon. My very memorable and slightly inebriated day trip to Champagne, France was amazing. I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided I wanted tour another region outside of Paris the following year. I used my love for another French drink to inspire my next area of exploration.

Bordeaux is well known in its robust and full body wines, but there is more to it than beverages. The city of Bordeaux has a famous museum, a bustling transit system, France’s largest public square, picturesque cathedrals, delicious restaurants, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so much more. Bordeaux is easily accessible with a quick train ride from Paris. I started my day in the morning and spent a full day in the city. If you have more time available I recommend staying a few more days as there are areas outside of the city worth visiting as well.

Overall I am so glad I had the opportunity and foresight to venture outside of Paris and visit Bordeaux. I definitely plan to come back to visit some wineries and book a spa day at Caudalie during my next visitation.

Check out my Bordeaux day trip information below and plan a day of exploration for yourself.

Transportation: Bordeaux is a quick 2-3 hour train ride from Paris. There are several trains that travel to/ from the city so you have plenty of options of when to leave and return to manage your itinerary. The tickets are also very affordable if you book your tickets in advance. The earlier you book your tickets the lower the price for the most part. The more popular train times, cost more so plan accordingly. I booked my roundtrip ticket online. You also have several options for departure points from Paris.

(Book train tickets here)

Things to do in Bordeaux:

  1. Marche de Capucins- Great for buying fresh foods and flowers. While I was there I happened to stumble upon an open flea market as well.
  2. La Cite du Vin
  3. Musee du Vin et du Negoce
  4. Les Bassin de Lumieres
  5. Promenade Sainte-Catherine
  6. A spa day at Caudalie Spa
  7. There are several wineries outside of the city to visit for day tours

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Places to see in Bordeaux:

  1. Place de la Borse (The Water Mirror)
  2. St. Andre Cathedral
  3. Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux
  4. Pont de Pierre
  5. La Cite du Vin
  6. Grand Theatre
  7. Monument aux Girodins
  8. Jardin Public

Food and Drink (Places to eat and drink well while you’re there):

  1. BLISSS (Fancy French)
  2. La Fine Bouche (Fancy French)
  3. Chai Maestro (Spanish/ European)
  4. Arcada (French)
  5. Restaurant Epicentre (French)
  6. Loco by Jem’s (French/ Gastropub)
  7. Suzzi (Swedish/ Healthy)
  8. Lume (Italian/ Mediterranean)
  9. Tupaq (Peruvian/ Latin)
  10. Pizzas- Les Cancres (Italian)
  11. O p’tit bahut Bordeaux (French wine bar)
  12. e Metropolitain (French wine bar)
Promenade Sainte-Catherine

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