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I’m back! I have returned from my birthday trip to Belize browner, happier, older and wiser. I have entered a whole new decade and returned from visiting a whole new country. Belize is a beautiful Caribbean nation that is filled with kind and lovely souls. It has a very laid back and calming spirit, so it was definitely the perfect locale for the 40th birthday trip.

While I was doing my usual research prior to my trip, I came across on social media this happening spot called in Belize called Secret Beach. What truly caught my eye about this place was the beautiful beach and the comforting restaurant chairs placed in the clear sea waters. I knew going to Belize and visiting Secret Beach was a must and the best way to spend a day on my vacation.

After getting the chance to do exactly what I planned and spend the day at Secret Beach, Belize, I will say it is worth a visit! Secret Beach was probably the best beach experience I had on San Pedro island. I was actually able to enjoy my surroundings and place my feet in the sand and the cool waters of the Caribbean Sea. (There is a huge problem with Sargassum (Seaweed Algae) on the Caribbean coast right now, so many beaches are not accessible for swimming.) Secret Beach not only offers pretty beaches and crystal blue waters, but also several establishments for eating and drinking. I honestly did notice that the prices were higher in the area for tourists, but the drinks and food were worth it. (I paid $45 USD or 90 BZD for two drinks from the bar). There are other activities to enjoy while you’re visiting as well.

I decided to share my secrets for Secret Beach Belize with you, so you hopefully get a chance to visit and enjoy your experience as much as I did.

Secrets to Secret Beach

Secret Beach Helpful Hints:

1. Secret Beach is located on the northwest side of San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) island in Belize. It’s located approximately at 45 mins. away from downtown San Pedro/ San Pedro ferry via golf cart/ taxi.

2. Secret beach is open from 10 AM -6 PM Sunday- Saturday.

3. Secret beach has a full bar and restaurants on-site for a variety of food and drinks. (I did notice the prices to be higher on the beach than other places on the island). Cash/ Cards accepted. I recommend Aurora’s Bar & Grill, Pirate Bar & Grill or the Blue Bayou Restaurant & Bar.

4. Besides lounging on the beach there are other activities to choose. There is a masseuse available for hire for a lovely massage session, there are water swings, there’s snorkeling and there’s an inflatable water park for the kiddies.

5. For more information CLICK HERE!

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