Paris Bistros in the Fall

Paris in the fall is sublime. The city air, which is usually filled with smells of freshly baked bread and European butter, is a bit crisper. There is a bit more precipitation during the day, so classy umbrellas can be seen carried about. Savvy and stylish Parisians can be seen hustling and bustling through the old cobblestone streets with chic warm accessories. 

With the change in weather comes another reason to enjoy autumn in Paris. The typical very well populated streets are less crowded with tourists during this time of the year. Less people in Paris means more time and space to sit back and truly enjoy the beauty and je ne sais quoi that makes up the city. 

Parisians are known for their love of life and joie de vivre. Many Parisians spend their time basking in parks and catching up with friends and family during 2 hours lunches in the middle of the day. Where better to enjoy the taste, smells and sounds of Paris then the beautifully decorated bistros scattered throughout the city. 

I have compiled a list of the prettiest adorned restaurants I saw during this most recent visit. Be sure to check out Paris in the fall and enjoy these pristine locations for yourself. 

As seen in the video:

  1. Le Varr Paris-  18th Arrondissement (Arr.)
  2. Cafe Drouot – 9th Arr. @cafe_drouot
  3. La Citadelle- 9th Arr. 
  4. Café Auguste- 1st Arr.
  5. Madeleine 7- 9th Arr. @madeleine7_paris
  6. Maison Sauvage- 6th Arr. @maisonsauvageparis
  7. L’Appartement – 10th Arr.
  8. Les Piétons- 4th Arr.
  9. Le Paradis- 4th Arr. 
  10. Ouvrez Grand La Bouche- 3rd Arr.  @laquequetterie
  11. Le Bon Pêcheur- 1st Arr. 
  12. Chok Dee Cafe- 9th Arr. @chokdeecafe
  13. Café Blanchet- 3rd Arr.
  14. Florida- 1st Arr.
  15. McDonalds- 2nd Arr. 

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