Rainy Day in Paris

One of the many reasons I love Paris is it is a land of four seasons. Paris has the complete spectrum of seasons: summer, spring, fall and winter. The latter two seasons provide less crowds with colder days. Although Paris has its four seasons, it also has its share of showers.

It rains approximately ⅓ of the year in Paris and its distributed evenly throughout the year. This means that there is a chance no matter when you decide to visit you may encounter some measurable precipitation. Thankfully the city of lights offer plenty of favorable things to keep you happy and dry.

I decided to bring you some indoor activities to enjoy if you get to experience a rainy Parisian day.

I also recommend bringing along a functional umbrella on your Parisian journey. Many hotels provide them for you to use during your stay if you don’t want to pack one with you.

How to spend a rainy day in Paris

SHOPPING– Paris is a fashion capital. Why not spend a day putting a dent in your wallet indoors. My favorite places to shop if I’m not checking out thrift or vintage stores is Galleries Lafayette and Samaritaine. They both are not only full of great brands but also aesthetically pleasing and features cafes to sit back and relax. 

Visit a MUSEUM– Paris is known as the museum capital of the world. One of the reason I don’t have an itinerary when I travel to Paris is like to check out the new museum exhibits in town. There are so many choices to museums to choose from. YSL, Palais Galliera and La Gallerie Dior are a few of my fashion favs. 

Grab a HOT CHOCOLATE– Paris hot chocolate is famous for being super rich and perfect for a rainy day. The best places to enjoy this scrumptious chocolate treat in the city are Angelina, Les Deux Magots, Jacques Genin and Un Dimanche à Paris.

Take a COOKING CLASS– I’ve shared before that I take a cooking class every time I visit Paris. Paris is a cuisine capital and I just so happen to enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Check out La Cuisine Paris for the best cooking classes in Paris. 

Visit a BOOKSTORE– I have shared my love for reading with your before. Being around books just provide me a sense of comfort. Spending time in a Parisian bookstore on a rainy day is a great way to stay warm, comfy and learn something in the mean time. Parisian bookstore are aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. My favorite Bookstores to visit in Paris are Librairie Galignani (The oldest bookstore in Paris and located right next to Angelina), Librairie Gallimard and Shakespeare and Co.

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