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Happy National Ice Cream Day! Here we are in the middle of July and Los Angeles is finally starting to feel like summertime. This week has been extra warm and I have been throughly enjoying basking in the sun. Ice cream is a great way to cool down during this time of the year, when the hot days are consecutive and a break is needed. I honestly though eat as much ice cream as you would think.

Let me be clear, I enjoy that creamy confection that is gobbled up by the gallons by millions of fans. My favorite flavor of ice cream is actually cookies n cream to be clear, it’s just not featured much on my palate . This may come off as bougie, but I try not to eat ice cream here in the US because is just not that good. US ice cream, if not premium quality, is usually filled with chemicals and unknown substances that I dare not know. When it comes to food we all know fresh is best, so I try and save my ice cream experiences for overseas.

Last month while I was in Belize enjoying my birthday vacation, I decided not only to enjoy some ice cream but to make some as well. I actually made ice cream out of bananas, also known as ‘nice cream.’ This idea came to me while in Belize after receiving too many ripe bananas from our lodging accommodations to eat for breakfast. The kitchen where I stayed was equipped with a blender, so I tossed the bananas in with some previously purchased coffee creamer. After letting the nice cream freeze for a few hours, dessert was done. The nice cream came out delicious and tasted just like frozen banana pudding. The only thing missing were some Kaleidoscope Sprinkles to make it pop.

This was my first time making nice cream, but I definitely will be enjoying this recipe again this summer. If you’re looking for another cool treat to enjoy this summer I suggest giving this simple enjoyable recipe a try. It’s super light, refreshing and so easy to make.

See recipe and ice cream from all over the world below.

Banana Pudding Nice Cream


5-6 medium ripe bananas

ΒΌ cup of Vanilla Cannoli flavor or your favorite coffee creamer

Cookies for decoration, optional

Kaleidoscope Sprinkles for decoration, optional


Peel bananas then transfer to a blender or food processor. Add coffee creamer. Blend until smooth, scraping down sides.

Transfer nice cream to a medium sized freezer safe bowl. Place nice cream in the freeze for at least 2 hours or overnight (for a firmer texture).

Serve nice cream with your favorite cookies and/or sprinkles.

Devour and enjoy!!

Ice cream around the world

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