Limoncello (adaptive from What’s Cooking America recipe):

  • 15 organic lemons ( I used 6 meyer lemons and 9 regular lemons)  
  • 2 (750 ml) bottles 100-proof vodka ( I used Tito’s) 

Simple Syrup:

  • 4 cups sugar
  • 5 cups water (filtered tap water or distilled water)


Step One:

  1. Clean the lemons to remove any dirt, pesticides or wax; pat the lemons dry.
  2. Carefully zest the lemons with a zester or vegetable peeler so there is no white pith on the peel.  

Step Two:

  1. In a large glass jar (1-gallon jar with lid), add vodka.
  2. Add the lemon zest as it is zested.
  3. Cover the jar and let sit at room temperature for at least (10) ten days and up to (40) days in a cool dark place.  The longer the mixture rests, the better the end taste will be.
  4. There is no need to stir – all you have to do is wait.  As the limoncello sits, the vodka slowly take on the flavor and rich yellow color of the lemon zest.

Step Three:

  1. Make a Basic Simple Syrup using the 4 cups sugar and 5 cups water:
  2. In a large saucepan, combine the sugar and water; bring to a gentle boil and let boil, approximately 5 to 7 minutes.  Remove from heat and let the syrup cool before adding it to the Limoncello mixture.
  3. Add cooled sugar mixture to the Limoncello mixture (from Step One).  Cover jar and allow to rest for another 10 to 40 days.

Step Four:

  1. After the rest period, strain the Limoncello ( I used a cheesecloth); discarding the lemon zest.   Pour strained Limoncello in bottle/bottles (of your choice) and seal tightly.

Storing Limoncello:

  1. Keep your bottle/bottles of Limoncello in the freezer until ready to serve.  Serve ice cold from the freezer.

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